For the Max Original series biopic on Shaun White’s illustrious career from childhood to retirement, I was given the opportunity to create an end card for the series launch trailer. This trailer was part of a larger marketing campaign featured across Max’s streaming platforms, social, and press releases that conveyed the raw emotionally driven tone of the series. Working with marketing footage of Shaun, our goal was to not just take him from being a metaphorically towering figure in the sport of snowboarding, but to transform him into a literal behemoth mountain of the sport that he is. This was a fun exorcise in creating a unique matte painting that was combined and carefully composited into the final end card. My youthful inner snowboarder was really fulfilled with this one! 
Client: Max 
Studio: Alter Ego Creates 
Max Original full trailer version that includes the end card I created.
Edit by: Alter Ego Creates
Here is a smattering of other social formats we generated for this campaign. 
Additionally, here is a short breakdown of my compositing work.
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