Always fueled by curiosity, I am on a creative journey to learn new things. As a senior motion designer and animator, I love creative work and the moving image. I’ve navigated diverse media landscapes and collaborated with teams small and large, creating long-form documentaries, network promo campaigns, all the way to micro social media content for streaming platforms.

With an ever-evolving skillset, I embrace learning new tools and continuing my
education. I enjoy working with my hands on paper and started out drawing and
painting as a youngster. I still like to pick up a pencil to sketch out an idea I have
floating around when possible.

Being outside is amazing. Some of my favorite ways to experience it are surfing,
kiteboarding, world travels with my wonderful wife, and cruising around town on my electric bike.
Reach out to me here or just to connect.
Thank you!
2023 - Bronze - Shaun White: The Last Run - Clio
2019 - Gold - Clarispray - Telly Awards
2015 - Bronze - TV One - Black History Month - Promax BDA North America
2009 - Nomination - Herod’s Lost Tomb - Promax BDA North America
2009  - Nomination - Six Degrees Could Change The World - National Emmys for News & Documentaries
2008  - Nomination - Incredible Human Machine - National Emmys for News & Documentaries

Publications & Events
2020 - Motionographer Quickie - Not My Job: How Trump Failed Us
2020 - Promax Daily Brief - Travel Channel Ghostober
2020 - Promax Daily Brief - MotorTrend's Nascar
2019 - DC In Motion - Frames Of Fear - Group Show
2007 - Washington Project for the Arts - Art Night - Group Show
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