AlterEgo had a 15 second animation that needed to be created that would help announce the new brand to our industry at the Promax conference in L.A. We wanted to express through motion how the studio can be an empathetic partner with a client, through delicate balancing acts and awesome creative. This had to run throughout the hallways on silent monitors. Truly an honor to have my work grace the conference in front of the whole industries' eyeballs!
Partners: Justin Kanner and Heather Roymans
Senior Designer / Animator: Jason Leta
Below are a couple bits of the process as well. It all started with some storyboard sketches in my notebook, evolving into several sequence versions designed in Illustrator as the motion changed through discussion. I laid out every key pose so I could easily transfer these for reference to after effects. I like to create a lot of nulls to control individual parameters of the animation. This way I can control the animated bits in a modular fashion and it doesn't make the rest of the animation fall apart like a jenga tower when you change something. Lastly, by color-coding the 100+ layers I had built helped me to keep my sanity as I laid down keyframes so I could tell what part of the sequence I was navigating thru.
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