I had the wonderful task of animating the new AlterEgo brand for motion. This eventually was to be used for multiple branding purposes and promotional content. As we were already working on the new branding at the time I aimed to build upon the lovely symmetrical qualities the ambigram logo already possessed. This process took place just after we had finished narrowing down the logo design, but was brewing in my mind for a while as we critiqued the final form. I definitely feel it is equally important to think about a brand in motion as it is to think about in static form. It had to be a brief animation of 3 seconds or less, but I wanted this brief motion to feel as if the logo partially transformed from a "white space" to "black space" in an elegant way to show some of the mirrored qualities from our concept. Everything had to emanate from a singular source into two identical forms.
Partners: Justin Kanner and Heather Roymans 
Executive Producer: Monesha Lever 
Creative Director: Erica Kern 
Art Director: Fabian Tejada
Senior Designer / Animator: Jason Leta
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